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This page covers the more obscure competitions which are played in the UK, such as the Welsh Premier League, the Football League Trophy, the Scottish Challenge Cup and so on. We shed some light on these fixtures so if you ever fancy making a bet on any of them, you are doing so from an informed standpoint.

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Unless you follow a side competing in these competitions often you’ll be unfamiliar with these obscure competitions. This makes betting on these types of tournaments difficult as you will feel you won’t know where to start. That is where we come in. We go the extra mile to make sure that you feel informed about the fixtures you are thinking of placing a bet. Through our match predictions we distribute betting tips to help you to place a winning bet.

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Betting tips are really just match predictions that have been put together to tell you which matches you should be looking at when thinking about placing a bet. Betting tips are a great way to educate people who are a little less familiar of how certain betting markets work. Through the football betting tips on this page you will be able to build knowledge of the United Kingdom’s more obscure competitions and to understand how to make more valuable and informed bets. So our match predictions will make you will feel more informed when it comes to placing a bet on these lesser known competitions.