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Irish Football

There are two main leagues in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which make up our page on Irish football. Firstly the League of Ireland Premier division which consists of ten teams, is played between the months of February to October. In Northern Ireland you have the Northern Ireland Premier League which consists of twelve teams and is played in the more traditional months of August to March. In the Northern Irish Premier League matches are played regularly throughout the week, from weekends to midweek. Whereas in the League of Ireland Premier League the matches are predominantly played on a Friday.

Irish Football betting

Irish football is becoming a more and more lucrative competition to place bets on. Your week is packed full of games so you are rarely stuck for something to bet on. Also the more you begin to consider Irish Football for a bet the more you will begin to look out for results and begin to understand who the sides are and who possesses the most quality in the league. Irish football is a good betting alternative to the football taking place in mainland Britain as it allows you to place bets regularly on a Friday night. If you are new to betting on this league it’s always advisable to seek guidance through betting tips.

Irish Football betting tips

For those of you who don’t know, betting tips are match predictions that advise people on which bets to place and why. Betting tips are a great way to make informed bets in leagues that are a little more obscure such as the Irish Football leagues. Like most competitions in Britain, betting is covered comprehensively in that there are many markets to build a bet out of. Through the use of betting tips, you can explore these markets with a more informed approach. You can’t expect every match prediction you hear to be a winner. However you can expect that the betting tip is well researched, which is always the case when it comes to our football betting tips. We spend countless hours studying each fixture, analysing the data and match statistics to produce professional betting tips.