Rest of Europe

By ‘rest of Europe’ we mean the more obscure leagues around the continent. From Greek Super League to the Portuguese Primeira league, there is a lot of top quality sides which play in these more obscure leagues and a lot of these teams you may never heard of but could offer you a lot of value in your bets.

Rest of Europe Betting

It is worthwhile scanning the fixture lists at the weekend at the leagues you don’t normally consider as you may well be missing out on a whole load of value betting. You will recognise teams that have featured in the Champions League which should help you to understand the quality in these sides. We want to take that curiosity a step further by educating you about where the true value lies. In terms of betting coverage, these leagues are available on most of the popular betting sites with most aspects of their matches covered by an array of different betting markets. In order to help you in picking the right bets, we offer betting tips on this page to shed some light on leagues you are totally in the dark about.

Rest of Europe betting tips

If you are new to betting, the term ‘betting tips’ may be quite alien to you. Betting tips are really just match predictions which created to tell you of which type of bet likely holds the most value in a match. Betting tips are useful as they allow you to avoid making blind bets. Although helpful, football betting tips are not infallible, their selections can lose but you should still consider using them. It’s best to make sure that they are from a credible source and not from some guy down the pub. We can insure that every betting tip we offer has been well researched before hand and will allow you to feel informed when you are placing bets.