Italian Football

With an illustrious past, Italian football will remain forever in the hearts of every football fan who watched the Serie A in awe in the 90s. As the league boasted an incredible amount of world class players in this period. The Italian league is still going strong with some of the world’s best still playing in the league. Italy’s main leagues are the Serie A and Serie B. The Serie A consists of twenty teams and the Serie B consists of twenty-two. However in the 2018/2019 season the Serie B consisted of nineteen teams as three teams at the beginning of the season were relegated to Serie D due to financial problems. It is worthwhile considering Italian football when making a bet as you can find Italian matches being played regularly throughout the week, with games taking place in midweek and at the weekend.

Italian Football betting

When preparing to place a bet on Italian football you must remember that there is quality in the squads of lesser known Italian teams. This means that household names like AC Milan, Juve and Roma often drop points in games where there stature would suggest they should win the game comfortably. There are countless markets to choose from when placing a bet, each one having relevance depending on the fixture. If you are new to Italian football, it would be worth taking time to analyse match stats and the form of each team…or you can make use of football betting tips which do all of that so you don’t have to.

Italian Football betting tips

Betting tips are really just match predictions that have been created to recommend to people which market to use when placing a bet. The advice is meant to give insight on which bets to place and what markets to make use of when considering specific fixtures. Betting tips are essential when you are taking on bets in Italian football as you could easily be suckered into backing clubs of higher stature and backing teams who are actually in good form. By using betting tips you are by no means guaranteed a winner but if you use the betting tips on this page, you are guaranteed that each prediction has been put together after countless hours of research has taken place.