German Football

German football’s three main leagues are the top-tier Bundesliga, second tier 2. Bundesliga and third tier 3. Liga. Below these three leagues you have several semi-professional and amateur leagues making up the rest of the German football league system. Unlike other leagues in Europe, the German leagues are composed of eighteen teams each. Also German football has a winter break in January where the league grinds to a halt for a month. Although there has been a well-believed notion that the Bundesliga is a one horse league, that horse is the current and reigning ‘Deutscher Meisters’, Bayern Munich. The Bavarian side are beginning to lose their dominant grasp on the league. There is a lot of value to be had when betting on German football with there being a tonne of quality on show throughout the top two divisions. Due to the limited number of places in the top-tier of German football, several sides who are synonymous with the Bundesliga have dropped into the second tier of German football which has created a lot of betting interest in 2. Bundesliga recently.

German football betting

Germany’s top divisions are comprehensively covered betting wise. As there are countless markets to place a bet on in German football. The tricky bit is knowing who to back and in which circumstances. It is easy to bet by club stature but often that leads to bets being lost by teams not quite living up to their billing. If you are new to betting and looking to bet smart, consider using betting tips in order to build your knowledge of German football.

German football betting tips

Betting tips are really just match predictions but depending on the quality of the betting tip, you can really become enlightened about why certain betting markets are worth exploring when considering placing a bet. As German football is often called a one horse league with German giants, Bayern Munich being that horse, a shadow is cast over a lot of the other teams in the league. This leads people to just fire Bayern Munich into their bet slips without considering who their opponents are and how Bayern Munich have been faring in recent weeks. Despite betting tips being by no means a guarantee of a winner, they can still assist people to make informed bets rather than making bets based on the team’s stature. We can’t vouch for every single bet tip you hear at work or in the pub but we can vouch for the credibility of our match predictions, as our betting experts have done all the research in order to provide you with high quality betting tips.