Dutch Football

The football system in the Netherlands is composed of two professional football leagues; Eredivisie and the Eerste Divisie. A semi professional league, the Tweede divisie. Then an amateur league called the Derde Divisie. Dutch football is renowned for its fast moving, open and explosive football labelled ‘total football’ by football experts around the World. Dutch football is famous for it’s production of top class footballers throughout the decades, with many of it’s academy products reaching the pinnacle of world club football. The Dutch leagues adhere to playing in the traditional European footballing months of August until May in it’s domestic season. Dutch football is always good for a bet as there are many well known Dutch clubs throughout the leagues. There are also lesser known teams who possess the quality to defeat the well known sides.

Dutch Football betting

Dutch Football is a good avenue to explore in Europe in terms of looking to place a bet. The Eerste Divisie is growing popular in the betting community due to it’s games predominantly being played on Friday nights at 7pm. The unpredictability of the Eerste Divisie is the main reason for its popularity. In the Eredivisie, sides outwith the top three sides; Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV are becoming increasingly stronger each season with them often being able to beat these three ‘bigger teams’ in the league. This is good for betting as generally odds are stacked in favour of the better known side which allows you to win big when there’s an upset. The best way to fully understand where these upsets will come from is by using betting tips.

Dutch football betting tips

Betting tips are match predictions which are created to advise people to make certain bets. When betting on Dutch football, it is necessary to consider betting tips as there are often upsets which you can either be caught out by or foresee happening through the use of betting tips. Also if you are new to betting, betting tips can help you to understand how different betting markets can be relevant to certain matches. Although anyone could give you a match prediction we guarantee that our betting tips have been created through meticulous research to allow you to make an informed bet on Dutch football.