Premier League

The English Premier League is the top-tier of English football’s large footballing pyramid. There are players from all around the globe who want a chance to play their football in this league. The league is composed of twenty-teams. Each team is competing for one of four places at the top of the table which allows teams the right to play in the UEFA Champions League the following season. There are three relegation places which can see teams drop a division to the Championship. Though the division’s very top sides have the ability to dominate other teams, with the quality in lower placed sides increasing year on year, the division’s so called top teams are beginning to struggle to win games as easily. Betting is anything but straightforward in this league.

Premier League betting

Premier League matches likely pop up first on your betting list with matches in the league taking superiority over other competitions in Britain, due to it’s billing as the best league in Europe. Premier League matches are always a good avenue to explore when it comes to betting as there are matches being played throughout the weekend and in midweek. Nowadays matches are even being played on Mondays and Fridays as Premier League action is being made more available throughout the week. As well as this, Premier League matches are comprehensively covered betting wise. You can find the usual match result, both teams to score and over and under markets, but in the Premier League, betting covers every aspect of the game, from the number of cards shown in the match, to the number of corners in a game. You can even place a bet on the next manager to be sacked. With an endless sea of possibilities when it comes to betting on the Premier League, you’re going to need a lot of guidance, which is gained by using betting tips.

Premier League betting tips

Betting tips are match predictions which have been put together to recommend to people which bet to place and why. Football betting tips are useful if you are new to football betting as they can help you to use markets that you haven’t considered before. This becomes essential in Premier League betting as there are so many betting markets available to you. You shouldn’t expect guaranteed a winner with every betting tip you receive. However you should expect that the betting tip you choose has been well researched and credible with time being spent analysing each betting tip. Now we can’t say that your mate at work has put in the required hours of research for his betting tip to be credible, though we can guarantee that the betting tips that you find on this page are produced after a whole load of research has been conducted.