FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest domestic cup competition in the World and holds a lot of sentiment among fans up and down the country. The FA Cup is a knockout competition which is composed of teams from throughout England’s football league system. You can see Premier League teams and English amateur teams battle it out in the same game for a slice of FA Cup glory. Teams from the Premier League enter the competition in January. Often, like in most cup competitions, there are huge upsets in each round of the tournament. These upsets are synonymous with the FA Cup as the competition often sees England’s elite clubs being beaten by lower league opposition. There is no second leg in this cup, if you win you progress to the next round, if you draw the match is replayed and if you lose you are out of the cup.

FA Cup betting

Betting on the FA Cup does hold a wealth of value, although with there being many potential upsets, which means picking a winner can be tricky. There is a vast amount of fixtures played in the FA Cup. By the time the competition hots up in January with the addition of Premier League sides, we already have a good idea of how teams will fare in the cup by looking at their league form. Also the early rounds are usually played over whole weekends, so there is usually little else to bet on when the FA Cup is being played. For betting on the competition, it is best not to fall into the trap of backing all the higher placed league teams. With more and more money being pumped into the lower tiers of English football each day, teams from the Championship often have enough quality in their squads to match lower placed Premier League sides. To place more informed bets you should consider using betting tips.

FA Cup betting tips

Betting tips are match predictions that have been put together to tell you which match to bet on and why. Without football betting tips you would have to bet blind or sift through screeds and screeds of match data yourself in order to find yourself information on a fixture. Betting tips are not a guarantee by any means but they do allow you to see a more concise view of match information on certain fixtures. The betting tips you will find on this page have been created after vast amounts of research has been conducted.