The MLS has exploded over the past few decades. Ever since David Beckham signed for LA Galaxy back in 2007, Major League Soccer has been put permanently on the footballing map as many of Europe’s best players have ended up finishing their playing careers in the states recently. The league is composed of twenty-four teams with three of those teams being added from Canada. The season runs from March to October with thirty-four games being played across the season. After that the MLS cup begins which is a domestic cup competition which begins at the end of the season in a play-off style tournament. Despite the issue of the games kicking off in different time zones, betting on the MLS is very popular as people are able to find value in the openness of the league, where generally anyone can beat anyone.

MLS betting

Betting on the MLS offers a fresh take on betting. As the league is ever-changing due to more and more European superstars migrating to the MLS to finish their career. This means that one season a side may perform badly, however the season after, their fortunes can change completely after the signing of one player. There are no relegations or promotions in this league so the top sides can often find it hard to stay on top. This is great for betting as it means teams who have odds stacked in their favour often lose or drop points allowing for a lot of value to be had in MLS fixtures each season. By using betting tips you can stay ahead of the curve and pinpoint where exactly the value is on the fixture list.

MLS betting tips

Betting tips are really just match predictions which provide advice to people on which bets to place and why. When betting on the MLS it is essential to make use of betting tips as if you are unfamiliar of the MLS you will likely not know where to begin. Also if you are new to betting it is also a good idea to consult football betting tips as they can educate you on how different betting markets have value in certain circumstances. When it comes to betting tips you want ones which have been created after vast amounts of research has taken place. We can’t vouch for every betting tip’s credibility but we can vouch for the amount of time and effort that has gone into each match prediction on this website and specifically on the MLS page.