What is an Accumulator?

An Accumulator known as a multiple, an acca or a parlay is a combination of different selections, which when combined will give you an odds value for the combined odds of the selections. Accumulators come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from Doubles, Trebles, 4-fold all the way up to 14-fold accumulators on most websites and up to a 22-fold on others. The term fold is used to declare how many selections the particular accumulator is made up of, e.g. A 4-fold accumulator would have 4 selections with the combined odds of the selections. You can find an example of this below.

· Arsenal to win @ 1.67 (2/3)

· Chelsea to win @ 1.40 (2/5)

· Liverpool to win @ 1.50 (1/2)

· Spurs & Everton to draw @ 2.75 (7/4)

The combined odds of these four selections would be 9.62, so if you were to bet on this 4-fold accumulator, every £10 you placed on the bet would return £96.20 (£86.20 profit).

With a standard accumulator, all selections in the combination must win for the overall combined returns to be won. There are some ways in which the total combined odds may not be returned – the main reason for this occurring would be a void selection. A few particular markets would have the ability to void a selection (Draw No Bet, Asian Handicap, Asian Goal Line). The most common one that you’ll see being used is the Draw No Bet market, basically with this selection you’ll get shorter odds than you would if you went for the straight win result market. The beauty of the Draw No Bet market is the added security you get if the selection ends in a draw, as previously said the selection would then be void and would affect the total odds. A quick example can be found below.

· Arsenal – Draw No Bet @ 1.44 (4/9) – Result = Draw

· Chelsea to win @ 1.40 (2/5)

· Liverpool to win @ 1.50 (1/2)

· Spurs – Draw No Bet @ 1.8 (4/5) – Result = Spurs Win

In the above situation, Arsenal drawing would mean that the top selection would be voided, thus changing the total odds from 5.45 to 3.78. Meaning a £10 bet would return £37.80 instead of the original stated £54.50.

You can accumulate selections from multiple different sports, however different bookmakers will have different rules on what can be combined. As I stated previously, you can’t combine selections from the same event, as selections must be mutually independent of each other. Different bookmakers have ways of allowing these sorts of bets to occur, e.g. Paddy Power & Betfair use Same Game Multiples and Bet365 use Bet Builders. Both are just methods of having multiple selections from the same event combining to return higher odds (Corners, Cards & Goals is a very popular combination for a single match).

How to place an accumulator

I’ll use the first example (a 4-fold accumulator). If you were to load up your preferred bookmaker, they usually give you a set list of matches either for the current day or the most popular e.g. The Premier League selections are usually first.

You would simply scroll down the list of Premier League fixtures and click on each single as you’re going along. Basically, clicking on Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool all to win, then Spurs and Everton to draw. As you build each selection up, you would move from a single to a double to a treble for a 4-fold, the odds would obviously increase as you add selections.

You would then place your stake in the chosen boxes above, the most common choice would be 4-fold, as previously stated a £10 stake on the 4-fold accumulator would return £96.20. You can then keep track of the accumulator in the my bets section of your bookmaker, some bookies also offer cash-out, which at times can be a godsend if you have a set of fixtures spread over a period of time and feel as though the cash-out is too good to refuse.

At the bottom of the picture, you can see two completely different styles of bets. The Yankee and the Lucky 15, both are combination bets with the later (Lucky 15) being a combination of four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a single 4-fold. As I said, these bets are usually used to hedge your bets and found quite regularly in Horse Racing due to the large odds available on outsiders.