How to pick an accumulator – Top 5 resources for picking a football acca

Football is Football. Anything can happen. It is as simple as that. If we could all pick the perfect accumulator every week we would be billionaires, but there’s always them one or two bets that leave you taring your hair out and sometimes that just comes down to the lack of luck. In my opinion you need a little bit of luck, maybe even a hell of a lot of luck to win accumulators, but I also believe that betting is about research and making informed decisions based on facts/stats. A gut call that ‘Team A will beat Team B’ is not good enough when picking an accumulator. You need a solid bullet point list of reasons why ‘Team A will beat Team B’ and that means spending time using resources that are out there to build a strong accumulator.

Here is my top 5 resources for picking an accumulator so that you can be better informed:


FlashScores is an extremely good resource for researching accumulators. It provides users with a good variety of stats including the likes of live match updates/commentary, club results, fixtures, league tables, form tables (home and away versions), bookmaker odds, head to head results, news, combined goal averages, match previews, injury lists and top goal scorer tables from over 1000 football leagues around the world. You can access all of this information free of charge online via a desktop/laptop and can even research on the go as FlashScores is mobile/tablet optimised for Andriod and Apple devices via an app.


Soccerway covers over 1000 football leagues and cups from over 134 different countries. It is the world’s largest football database and is owned and powered by digital sports media business PERFORM. It is very similar to FlashScores in that it provides users with information such as live scores, results, fixtures, tables, statistics and news. You can also research on the go with Soccerway as they have an app for both Android and Apple devices.

Football Tipsters

There’s a whole host of Tipsters on football forums and social media. Their job/hobby is to dedicate a lot of time and effort into researching bets and accumulators and then share them with you. Ultimately, they do the leg work for you; using their resources to build accumulators/bets for you. How they go about researching their bets and what websites/resources they use is down to the discretion of the Tipster, but judging by the interaction some of them get on social media, it looks like a lot of people get their bets from them and enjoy it. Whilst all of their bets are not guaranteed winners, they will complete expansive research because they will be warry of damaging their reputation.

Official Club Websites

Whilst official club websites will predominantly be used by the clubs fans, it can actually be a very good resource for researching accumulators. Firstly they are extremely reliable. Football database websites have to gather information from over 1000 leagues which makes you question their reliability about every piece of information. This isn’t the case with a official club website as they are a official channel of the club and only have one clubs worth of information to gather. If you need to know whether any key players are out of their next match or are making a return, the first place you will find that information will be a official club website. They also provide you with extensive player

by player stats which most football databased websites don’t. This sort of information is key to know when building a accumulator.

Fans Forums

Facts/stats are all well and good but in order to get a well-rounded look on a selection it’s worthwhile having a look through a fans forum. While it won’t give you stats/facts behind the game, it will give you opinions and insights from the people that know that club the best, the fans. As a Newcastle fan I would’ve told you that I’d have bet against Newcastle on Saturday vs Norwich and I actually did. Fans will watch every single game which means there opinion will be valid and should be taken with some respect.

Overall, I would highly recommend that you use a range of these sources and not just relying upon one as the more information you have at your disposal the better informed decision you can make on your accumulators.