What is Over/Under Goals Betting?

The Over/Under betting market is one of the most common markets in sports betting. With many people choosing to back either outcome depending on the type of match that’s being played. A lot of punters will know their leagues which are perfect for either outcome, such as Dutch Eerste Divisie for Over’s and something like the Ligue 2 for Under’s. Obviously with any two-outcome betting market, these two outcomes are dependent on each other and the bookies will price it accordingly. However, out of the two, the Over’s market is definitely the more popular as you’re essentially betting for the match to have action and the bet isn’t dead until the final whistle. As opposed to Under’s, where the match could be over in the first 10 minutes of a match and you’re backing a fairly dull and unexciting match.

Obviously, the market isn’t just exclusive to Football and can be applied all across sports betting, with the following examples being very popular:

Over/Under Games in Tennis – Essentially betting on how long the match will go on for, whether you think there will be a fair few tiebreaks in a match or whether or not it will be a 6-0,6-0 result etc.

Over/Under Points in American Football – One extremely popular market is the Over’s/Under’s points market. With the NFL becoming more and more popular and especially the betting aspect of things, the Points Line is becoming ever expansive.

Over/Under Runs in Cricket – Another very popular betting market is the Cricket runs line, with so many things changing through a Cricket innings, e.g Wickets/Over Restrictions, it can be very profitable to play the line in hope of wickets falling.

Over/Under 180’s in Darts – The most fast paced and entertaining Over/Under you’ll find in Sports Betting. With the speed in which Darts is played, the 180 market is so exciting it can be worth doing just for entertainment value. Many players are known for their big 180 hitting and are usually seen as hot picks.

One thing that is often praised in the Over/Under market is the amount of resources and data sources that are to hand very easily. Just a simple search on a search engine will pop up with plenty of suggestions for websites that will store this sort of information. The main benefit for the amount of data available is the ability to spot trends and analyse how teams have performed in their last five matches for example. You’ll often be scouring through leagues and come across a beauty as two teams facing each other have both had Over 2.5 landing in their last five matches for example. Many betting websites that I’d recommend would include:




All of the above have free and easy to navigate data which can be the difference between picking that winning selection and a loser. Also, as I said previously, you will quickly gather

the ability to distinguish which leagues are going to be your most common and used/the leagues that you definitely always look to avoid. It may take a bit of time to confirm which leagues are going to be your most active, but once done it’ll be stuck in the back of your mind/saved as favourite league on one of your research websites.

When establishing these leagues, you’ll definitely notice that the price of a lot of matches may be quite harsh and may not be worth your time inputting into your accumulator. A 1.20 shot for Over 2.5 Goals for example, would probably not be worth inputting as a red card could completely kill the game for example.

One more betting market or style that may take your interest when betting on the Over/Under’s market is the Asian Goal Line. The Asian Goal Line is always seen as a bit of a more experienced bettor’s market, but the premise is rather simple and can be very lucrative when betting on goals. The Asian Goal Line gives you more security when betting on markets such as the Over 2.0 Goal Line, this means if 0 or 1 goal is scored – the bet is a loser, over 2 goals – the bet is a winner or exactly 2 being scored would mean the bet is void and your stake is refunded. Many people choose to use this method of betting, especially with larger stakes as you take an odds hit, but the security outweighs the risk involved in a lot of occasions.