What is double chance betting?

Double chance betting when it comes to football is a method of providing yourself with a greater chance of correctly predicting the outcome of a match. It’s a popular way of betting due to it covering two out of the three possible outcomes.

So, to put it simply, when you bet on a football match there can only ever be three possible outcomes. Either the home team wins, the away team wins, or the match ends in a draw. The double chance method of betting allows you to combine two of these outcomes into a single. Therefore, rather than picking a team to win, you could back them to ‘Win or draw’.

Betting on a double chance selection will come at shorter odds than a regular to win pick (Due to your increased chances of winning) so these are the ideal types of selections to add to your accumulators to boost the odds.

Listed below are the three possible double chances bets you can consider:

· Home team to win or draw – This selection wins if the home team takes the win or the match ends level. It would lose if the away team wins the match.

· Away team to win or draw – This selection wins if the away team takes the win or the match ends level. It would lose if the home team wins the match.

· Home or away team to win – This selection would be a winner if either team wins the game. It would lose if the match ends as a draw.

Why place a double chance bet and what are the advantages?

Some weekends there will be teams that you fancy to win but there is something holding you back whether that be a negative stat you have come across or just a gut feeling that they might not be able to see the win through.

If this ever becomes the case, then a double chance bet is a great way to go. It comes at lesser odds than just the usual ‘to win’ but it provides you with the safety net of things ending all square. A double chance bet is a good option when you are backing a team who are away from home or who are the underdog in any match. Even with the double chance selection, you can get good value backing teams to cause a minor upset. You would only need them to avoid defeat after all.

What are the disadvantages of a double chance bet?

The disadvantages of a double chance better are that they often come at much shorter odds than your standard win selections. It’s also not a good bet if you are betting on a clear or odds-on favourite in a match as you will be given no value whatsoever.

What is the difference between double chance and draw no bet?

Double chance and draw no bet are slightly similar but are in no way the same thing. With a double chance bet if you back ‘win or draw’ then you will also see your selection settled as a winner if the match ends level. The difference with a draw no bet selection is that your bet will be voided with your stake returned if the match ends in a draw. It wouldn’t be a winner.

I would opt for draw no bet if I was very confident in the team, and you would get slightly better odds too. However, if you are backing an underdog and there is room for doubt in your mind, then I would go for a double chance pick.

Why are double chance bets popular?

This method of betting is a popular one, as again, it increases your chances of correctly predicting an outcome. It’s a good way of adding value and extra selections to your accumulator and they can give you a helping hand with increasing your overall odds. Football is a sport where underdogs often prevail, and surprising/shock results are always around the corner. The double chance market helps you take advantage If you can predict when these things are going to happen.