Value Tip

What is a Value Selection?

A ‘Value Selection’, in simple terms, is a selection that the tipster feels has the best chance of winning compared to the odds currently on offer with the Bookmakers

These are often bigger priced selections, often seen as under estimated in the market, and therefore offering larger potential returns for your stake.

There are a number of reasons why a horse maybe under estimated In the market – maybe they had excuses for when disappointing the last time they were seen on track, or expected to improve greatly for a different distance or ground, or possibly could be the case that they run specifically well at a certain track or under certain conditions. These sort of factors are often missed by Bookmakers or the Odds compilers that publish the early prices, and therefore gives us (the punter) the opportunity to take advantage of the ‘Value’

You will often hear people in Racing talk about ‘Value’ – but how do you measure Value? –

This is more tricky. In simple terms, A horse that you see as ‘Value’ is a selection that you feel has a better chance than the odds on offer.

For example, if you look at a particular race and feel that if the race was ran ten times, the favourite would win at least 5 of them (50%), you therefore feel that the Favourite is an Even money chance. If this particular horse was available at 2/1 with a certain bookmaker (2/1 is the equivalent of a 33.3% chance of winning) then this would be an excellent value selection for the race. (see odds comparison table below for full explanation)

The trick is finding a Value Selection is having the ability to allocate a certain Horse (or team) an accurate chance of winning in your personal opinion. Once you have this opinion, and compare it to the market and odds on offer, you can easily identify the discrepancies and therefore find the ‘Value Selections’

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