Lucky 15

What is a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 involves backing 4 selections and is broken down into 15 different bets –

4 singles,

6 doubles

4 trebles, and

1 four fold accumulator.

It is very similar to a Yankee – which also comprises of 4 selections, but with a Lucky 15 you have 4 single bets additional to the Yankee and therefore a Lucky 15 offers a return for just one winning horse, while also increasing your potential returns as more of your 4 horses win (or place, if opted for an Each way Lucky 15)

As a Lucky15 is made up of 15 different bets, the total cost of the bet is 15 times your stakes, so in simple terms a £1 Lucky 15 actually costs £15, a £2 Lucky 15 costs £30, and so on and so on.

The same applies for an Each Way lucky 15, as an Each Way bet is seen as 2 separate bets (win and place), an Each Way Lucky 15 would be a total of 30 bets, and therefore a £1 Each Way Lucky 15 would cost you a total of £30.00

Bookmakers often offer incentives to customers looking to place Lucky 15 bets, bonuses for having one winner in your bet, or possibly an additional bonus on top of your winnings if selecting all 4 winners, so is well worth checking promotions and offers from your specific Bookmaker or Sportsbook before placing your Lucky 15’s.

What is the strategy behind picking your Lucky 15?

As we know, it is hard enough to pick one winner let alone four – so what is the best way to make your selections for a Lucky 15?

It very much depends on your style of betting! – Some will prefer to look for four rock solid ‘Bankers’ – and maximise the profit by grouping these selections together rather than backing them in singles for poor returns. Other punters may look to find 4 value selections at fancy prices in the hope that more than one selection wins and scoop the big pay day.

We publish our Lucky 15 bets on a daily basis to help you along the path to profit, so be sure to check out our selections each morning.