Betting Tips

Introduction to Betting Tips

Betting tips come in two categories: tips on how to conduct betting and tips on horses and football teams to win races and matches. Both types of betting tips can be useful in the battle to beat the bookies and here is some information about how you can make betting tips pay.

Betting Tips: Strategy

Here are 10 betting tips that create the right environment for profitable betting:

Keep Records

Betting records can be kept in a written format but it is more efficient to use spreadsheets. Results for sports and markets can be quickly analysed and the use of spreadsheets means large portions of the working day are not devoted to analysing results. Bet records don’t have to be too detailed but the basic details of a bet should be recorded. Any record system has to be cost effective in terms of an investment in time but long term profitability is more likely if accurate records are maintained.


There has been a massive growth in the number of sports and markets for which odds are offered so this area is one of the key betting tips. The staple diet of horse racing and soccer has now been superseded by prices for about 50 sports, from the mainstream to the more obscure. Nobody can keep abreast of the form for all these sports so it is better to specialise. Specialising in one sport or even one aspect of a sport can be useful in gaining an edge in the battle to beat the bookies or against fellow traders on the exchanges

Plan Like A Business

In order to achieve success in anything a good plan needs to be laid out before starting. Nobody should start a business without a business plan. Planning and preparation are the keys to any business. One of the betting tips is to understand it is essential to develop a plan and strategy before starting to bet. It is important to sit down and write out a betting plan. It is like writing a business plan that has to be presented to a bank manager. The clearer and more defined the plan is the more likely it is to be consistently followed and used to evaluate progress against its targets.

Manage Time

Time management is an important element of any job or activity and one of the betting tips. Professionals like accountants and solicitors sell their expertise in terms of time. Experts like this have a charge out rate and need to use their time to maximise earnings for their practice. Betting involves some chores that are can be boring and not part of the core activity. Some time is required for administrative tasks which take away the bettor from the more exciting activity of actually placing and trading the bets. Time has to be allocated efficiently to all aspects of the betting process.

Take Breaks

Part of the time management process is to take regular breaks and holidays. Betting is generally an interesting pursuit but when it has to be done for many hours every day it can become more of a chore. Missing a day or week is acceptable and desirable as there is always a match or event coming up on which to bet. Within the main business plan sections of time should be allocated on a weekly basis. A good routine is to spend some time on Monday morning identifying the important markets for the week and this plan should incorporate time away from the computer and doing other things, such as subscribing to betting tips.  

Check Bets

This might seem an obvious tip but just about every person that bets on sport has made a costly error because of not checking a bet when it is being placed. Every time a bet is submitted the software will take the bettor to a confirmation screen. All bet details should always be checked before confirmation. Speed is important in some instances, especially betting in running when the odds are subject to constant change. However, placing the required bet is important all the time. Confidence can sometimes lead to complacency and errors and a few seconds of care can eliminate expensive mistakes so betting tips are important.

Find The Best Odds

There are few major discrepancies with the odds offered by each bookmaker. Generally one firm will set the market and others will more or less follow. Odds compilers might have a strong opinion but will not deviate greatly from the general price but make marginal adjustments. Even so looking for the best odds consistently can have a positive effect on overall profitability. These days comparing prices is easy as there are several odds comparison sites that do this job. It is not necessary to search through each bookmaker site as best odds are highlighted on these comparison sites and some betting tips services.

Manage Emotions

Emotion underpin performance and results. When you learn how to manage your emotions you learn how to manage your behaviour, control performance and improve results. Emotions are psychological and physiological consequences of things you have done and are the connecting force between the body and mind. It is important to recognise that learning to identify and understand emotions is important when betting. One of the most important areas is to develop awareness in assessing which emotions improve betting performance and which limit betting performance.  

Manage Ups And Downs

Sports betting is a rollercoaster that involves losing streaks. Anyone involved in sports betting for long enough will experience winning and losing runs, the ups and downs of betting. Bet results occur in clusters which may be linked to a perceived run of good or bad luck. Anyone who bets is likely to go through tough periods at some point. These periods can be extended, either in time or the amount of money lost. Some people bounce back from these periods while others do not.

Enjoy The Experience

The final tip in the betting tips might be obvious but betting on sport can be rewarding and enjoyable. Betting within limits and managing the betting bank are important but fundamentally betting should be a fun experience and enhance life. When it is not enjoyable is the time to take a break or give up as nobody wants to use valuable free time doing something that is not fun.

Betting Tips: Sports Tips

Paying for betting tips and following them is fraught with danger so here are some guidelines:

Understand The Basics

There are now numerous tipsters who are offering information in return for the payment of a subscription. Generally it is possible to subscribe to a service in periods of one month or over three months. Most tipsters offer a free trial which can be up to three months. There is nothing wrong in subscribing to betting tips. However, the key question to ask is if this tipster is so good then why is he selling his tips. In effect a successful tipster is sharing information with potentially of hundreds of other gamblers and this can only have a detrimental affect on the price of the tip.

Paper Trading

There are many people out there trying to make money selling betting tips. Horse racing is the most popular area for these tipsters Anyone whose email address is in the public domain will receive many requests to join tipping services. Every new service reports sustained profitability. Points profit and return on investments are quoted and no service seems to make a loss. The best policy when being approached by a tipster is to ask for a free trial. Some services offer this anyway but those that don’t should be willing to provide the tips without payment, even if is for just one month, though one week is more common.


A typical tipping service will charge about forty pounds a month to share information with subscribers. Typically payments can be made through PayPal on a recurring basis. This means if a monthly payment is not cancelled the same amount will continue to be charged. The onus is on the customer to cancel the recurring payments as the service provider will continue to take payments unless advised otherwise.

Some services will offer tips for a week for a reduced fee then after seven days begin to charge for monthly periods. Others will require PayPal details but only begin to take payments after a trial period of 60 days. This free betting tips sample can be used to paper trade but again it is up to the subscriber to cancel the regular charges.

Horse Racing

Despite the growth of betting on other sports horse racing still provides the most opportunities for following betting tips. Adverts appear in the Racing Post for several services which all display winning bets and overall profitability. Some services advertise daily and this is costly so it must be assumed that they are doing something right.

Racing services send their tips by email and text on the morning of the race. Some suggest the size of the bet, the best odds and the bookmakers offering these odds. Some provide reasoning behind the tips while others just state the name of the horse. Virtual racing is now shown in betting offices in Britain. This is basically a cartoon with the odds offered guaranteeing operator profits.

There is absolutely no logic or form and the results are manipulated to favour the bookmaker. Therefore, anybody who is offered a service to find winners of virtual races should refuse to invest immediately.


After horse racing the next most popular sport for betting tips services is football. Again backing and laying services are available and the most popular covered league is the Premier League in England. In addition to 1X2 betting tips other services cover the number of goals in a match.

It is possible to subscribe to services that cover one major tournament, such as the European Championships or World Cup. These services will include selections for the outright winner, top goalscorer and progress made by each side. The service is then supplemented with match selections.

A popular approach to identifying betting value in soccer is to work out the potential success probabilities for each team and the draw. These probabilities can then be compared with the odds on offer and bets are then placed accordingly. The ratings can be based on possession share, shots per match and scoring efficiency amongst other key measures of success in a match.

Other Sports

It is possible to subscribe to a tipping service for just about every major betting sport and even some that are more obscure and less popular. For any sport the major events are covered and tips are published on a daily basis. Tips are sent by text or email in good time to fine the best odds and place the bet.

Golf is a very popular betting sport and as such attracts many tipsters who believe they can earn an income by selling tips. There is extensive live TV coverage for events on the major tours in Europe and the United States and this encourages betting. Typically a golf advisory service will provide several selections to win the tournament and some 18 and 72 hole match bets.

Tennis has seen a massive growth in betting interest since 2000. The proliferation of more sports orientated bookmakers has given the sport a boost in attracting betting interest. This is reflected in the number of tennis tipsters providing betting tips that can now be followed. Outright and match selections are sent on a daily basis to subscriber’s email address or mobile phone.

Greyhound racing now has a satellite sports channel dedicated to live coverage on five days of the week. The programmes are sponsored by major bookmakers that have seen more interest in dog betting. That has attracted tipsters who send out tips for several of the many greyhound races that take place every day.

Boxing, rugby league and cricket are also well covered in terms of the advisory services on the market. As with other sports these services are promoted through companies that manage the service in return for a share of subscription income. This is a good way for a new tipster to sell his service who might otherwise not have the resources to promote it through a website or by sending out emails to a database of carefully selected potential customers.